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Udinese Caffe

Udinese Caffe

Udinese Caffe

Udinese coffee - appreciated worldwide

From the heart of Friuli in the region Friaul in Italy comes a very successful and strong coffee. As the name suggests, the town of Udine gives its name to Udinese coffee. The high-quality espresso blend has been produced there since the 1960s. The Udinese is known all over the world and highly appreciated for its inimitable taste. The secret of the unmistakable taste is the roasting according to old tradition in small batches. It tastes like hazelnuts, chocolate and toasted bread. An outstanding espresso blend that does Italian coffee culture every credit.

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  1. Udinese Caffe Lusso Reviews with

    1000g Espresso coffee, whole bean

    80% Arabica

    Classic Italian Long-Term Roasting

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