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Hardy Pods

Hardy Pods

HARDY espresso coffee

HARDY Coffee Company

An international name, a young design, but an espresso coffee with tradition. As early as 1954, the Maja brothers founded the roasting plant in Milan. The customer base grew with understanding and passion and soon this coffee became known and loved beyond Milan's borders. In the 3rd generation of the family, Alberto Maja has renewed the Hardy brand. During the EXPO in Milan, the time has come to present the new look. We liked it immediately. But even better is the quality of these excellent blends. From the grandiose organic coffee to the strong 100% Robusta coffee from Hardy. 

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  1. Hardy Caffè Espresso ESE Pods Europa Reviews with

    18 Pods/Cialde each 7g = 126g

    These E.S.E. Pods are only suitable for machines working with the E.S.E. brewing system!

    Product Code: 10224

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    € 6.90
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    (Base Price € 5.48 / 100 g)
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