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PinPourelle AbsCircle Review

PinPourelle AbsCircle Review

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The purpose of this PinPourelle AbsCircle review is to warn the public to avoid yet another too-good-to-be-true weight loss gimmick.

A reader of my website alerted me to this product today and, when I looked at the site, all the spammy red flags were there.

Therefore, I will categorically address the claims being made and explain why both the product and its marketing are bogus and, in my professional opinion, it appears to be a run of the mill cash grab.

AbsCircle red flags

New & poor quality website

Looking at the website, it’s a basic Shopify site that looks to have been slapped together and sent live only 2 months ago. You can see the publicly available domain registration information below that confirms this.

Pinpourelle website

Other things that caught my attention were the grainy photos, poor grasp of English, and the long spammy sales copy that runs on and on.

Product review dates are fake

Things get suspect when you look at the product “reviews” towards the bottom of the site, you’ll note that they are dated March, February and January of 2022 before the website was even launched.

So wait, how can you have reviews for a product they weren’t even selling yet? Nice try.

Fake testimonial

They included a before and after testimonial from some girl named “Lauren.” But when I looked at the source code for the website, it became obvious that this was a photo stolen off the internet and whacked up on the site to try and make it look like a product user. Extra spam points for poor punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

AbsCircle fake testimonial

Stupid marketers don’t often cover their tracks very well. I found that the original image was stolen from a 2016 Daily Mail article on Lauren Goodger who is some reality TV show contestant from the UK. And worse, they were too lazy to even bother changing the file name. Notice the identical file name above and below and it’s clear what’s going on here.

Bottom line: this is clearly a fake testimonial.

Daily Mail UK stolen image

No research backing the product

The website claims that this AbsCircle will help “improve your hormonal profile and insulin sensitivity.”

Sounds nice but when I searched Pubmed for studies, not surprisingly, there are no hits.

This appears to be shifty marketing just pulling health claims out of their a$$.

AbsCircle research

Overpriced plastic gimmick

Pinpourelle is charging $35.95 USD for the AbsCircle. But when I looked at the source code for the product image, that, too, looks to have been stolen from another website.

Using the image file name they forgot to delete, I did a bit of digging and I was able to find the same product on Ali Express, a Chinese online marketplace, for a fraction of the price.

If I was going to hazard a guess, I’d say this is a basic dropshipping scheme. They buy from Ali Express for a fraction of the price and then, when an order comes through, it is dispatched from the warehouse (maybe an Amazon warehouse).

Abscircle on Ali Express

Bogus marketing claims and hyperbole

The entire website is bloated with over-the-top marketing hyperbole and is, to put it bluntly, simply untrustworthy.

Claim: “Finally! You can have the dream body without going to the gym, in just a few minutes a day”

A “few minutes a day?” You mean just like the disgraced Ab Circle Pro gimmick? Clearly this marketing copy was written by a non-English speaker and appears to be parroting typical infomercial bulls*t.

Claim: “Dropping the extra pounds has never been faster or easier”

Never been faster or easier than what? Nothing to see here. Just marketing bluster.

Claim: “Are you tired of trying every diet and weight loss method under the sun without getting the results you want? Here’s what some really fit women do and you can easily do it too!”

This is the typical press-on-the-pain-point technique in action. They highlight your past failures and then wave an easy solution in front of you.

Claim: “Workouts are beneficial for women due to the improved hormonal profile and increased fat burning”

Twisting around on a disc really isn’t going to do much, but more to the point, they’re making medical claims here that have zero basis in fact.

Claim: “Training with this tool improves insulin sensitivity and improves the muscles response to glucose”

More manufactured bullsh*t. They’re clearly just making this up and they have no scientific evidence to support the claims that this particular product does anything.

Claim: “This trainer helps you get a healthy and slim tummy in just 15 minutes a day”

15 minutes a day? Based on what evidence? Yep, more manufactured bullsh*t.

Claim: “It has been proven in more than 1000 studies that you burn more fat with 15 minutes of daily abdominal training than with one hour of running”

Um, no. I’m starting to think these guys were sitting around drinking beer and seeing who could come up with the most absurd marketing claims.

Claim: “Also tone muscles. That’s why they’re ideal for getting rid of fat without ending up suffering from “skinny fat” syndrome”

Standing and twisting on a disc with no external load applied isn’t going to build muscle. Looks to be another ploy by marketers tapping on common buzz phrases like “skinny fat.”

Claim: “You don’t have to pay an expensive subscription to a sports organization where it is difficult to reach daily, you can work out from the comfort of your place!”

“Pay an expensive subscription to a sports organization…”

Oh, you mean…. like a gym?

As a polyglot myself, I’m sensitive to people trying to learn English. But in this case, it just looks like typical dodgy overseas hucksters looking to sell junk products to the US market.

Claim: “…you will lose up to 60% more weight for a body ready for the beach!”

Bullsh*t with zero basis in fact. Just another made up claim pulled out of their a$$.

Claim: “Pinpourelle AbsCircle can help you lose weight without following a diet”

Bullsh*t. Another baseless claim with no support.

AbsCircle guarantee

Pinpourelle claims to offer you a 14-day risk-free guarantee which is highlighted on their refund policy page.

Because the company is still so new, they do not yet have much of an online footprint about their track record with refunds.

I’ll continue to monitor this company and update this article if real consumer complaints arise.

Contact Pinpourelle

Pinpourelle only offers email contact and there is no publicly available phone number or physical address.

Moreover, there is no transparency about the identities of the individuals behind the company.

The homepage mentions a Beatrice Halsey as the founder and the photo of a woman is just a stock image. Given the dishonesty across the site (fake testimonials and false health claims), I would not be surprised if this is a fictitious name.

Beatrice Halsey Pinpourelle

Take home message

The AbsCircle trainer looks to be a copycat of the Ab Circle Pro and the Ab Wave that I’ve previously reviewed and debunked. There is no research to support any of the health claims on the website.

The Pinpourelle website looks like a basic Shopify template loaded with cheap Ali Express products.

The testimonials and reviews are very highly likely to be fake and should not be trusted.

The poor level of English across the site gives the impression that the website owners are overseas and trying to tap into the US market.

Overall, Pinpourelle does not appear to be a reputable or trustworthy online vendor and I would not recommend anyone purchase from this site.

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