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Seasonal Sweets

Seasonal Sweets

Our seasonal treats

When the holiday spirit hits the customers, they look for popular seasonal candy and flavors that really celebrate the season. We have finest handmade chocolates and candies to delicious handmade truffles and gourmet chocolate for every season. Starting the season in spring with chocolate bunnies for Easter or Hearts for Valentine's Day. Refreshing sweets and candies for the hot summer time. Ghoulish goodies in autumn for Halloween and chocolate Santa or a nougat angel, a milk chocolate tree decoration or a plain chocolate cone for christmas. There's always an excuse to eat cake or exquisite truffle-chocolates. Shop our best-selling treats and all time favorites to please your taste buds.

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  1. Panettone al Caffe » traditional Italian Christmas cake Reviews with

    Panettone al Caffe 1000g

    With chocolate drops and coffee cream

    Delicious cake from the Hardy Caffe roastery in Milan. WITHOUT sultanas and candied fruit.

    Two traditional products from Milan have come together. Delicious Hardy Coffee and airy Panettone combine to create a unique, incredibly delicious taste.

    A Panettone is made from a soft, incompletely baked yeast dough. The dough is incredibly light, fresh and delicious.

    Product Code: 4606

    Availability: Seasonal Product Back in autumn 2019

    Standard Delivery Time: 2-5 Days

    € 26.90
    Incl. 7% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    (Base Price € 26.90 / 1 kg)
  2. Nannini Torrone Classico Mandorla Reviews with
    Nannini Torrone Classico Mandorla, Classic white Nougat with Almonds, 200g bar
    Product Code: 4235

    Availability: Out of stock

    Standard Delivery Time: 2-5 Days

    € 15.90
    Incl. 7% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    (Base Price € 7.95 / 100 g)
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2 Item(s)