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Swiss & Vienna coffee

Swiss & Vienna coffee

Swiss Coffee Variations

Cafe Cream
The normal Swiss coffee, freshly ground and prepared in a steam pressure machine like Espresso. It is very aromatic and is only called Schümli (little foam) by us. In Switzerland it is the normal coffee.

Coffee Pflümli
Black coffee is rounded off with plum brandy and optionally served with whipped cream.

Austrian coffee variations

Term for black coffee with milk. It is available in small and large.

A black coffee or mocha served in a glass and crowned with a whipped cream cap.

An espresso or mocha is enriched with rum or cognac and served in a glass with whipped cream (whipped cream) like a single horse.

A sweetened and ice cooled mocha with maraschino and rum.

Maria Theresa
A mocha with a dash of orange liqueur.

Very light milky coffee, more milk than coffee.

A little black man extended with hot water to the "big" one