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Pellini espresso coffee

Our Pellini Espresso Coffee products

The Pellini roasting company has been dedicated to the production of high-quality espresso coffee since 1922. Unlike most other roasting houses, the Torrefazione from Bussolengo near Verona has been growing consistently and Pellini Coffee has already grown to number 5 on the Italian coffee market. Espresso by Pellini is held in high esteem in the best caf\xE9s and Italian families and trusted to be the coffee which transforms moments of repose into spectacular experiences.

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  1. Pellini Coffee Aroma Oro 1000g

    Pellini Coffee Aroma Oro 1000g Reviews with

    Incredibly balanced Espresso with a long-lasting and silky crema.

    1000g Bag whole espresso bean.

    Typical espresso of an Italian bar.

    Product Code: 1693
    Expiration Date: 12/2022

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  2. Pellini Espresso Cremoso. 1000g beans

    Pellini Espresso Cremoso. 1000g beans Reviews with
    Pellini Espresso Cremoso. 50 % Arabica / 50 % Perfect for fully automatic Coffee machines
    Product Code: 1836
    Expiration Date: 06/2023

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  3. Pellini Coffee Vivace 1000g Reviews with

    1000g bag with whole espresso beans

    An espresso with character and structure

    Full of temperament, strong, slightly nutty

    Product Code: 1692
    Expiration Date: 03/2023

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  4. Pellini Coffee Top 100% Arabica

    Pellini Coffee Top 100% Arabica Reviews with

    1000g bag whole espresso beans

    One of the most popular coffee blends in Italy

    Sophisticated, sweet, simply delicious.


    Product Code: 1691
    Expiration Date: 01/2023

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Pellini Caffè Logo

A coffee with a strong tradition and an eye on the future: Caffè Pellini

A coffee that is a symbol of Italy, born of a strong local tradition. This is Pellini Caffè, a company in the province of Verona (more precisely in Bussolengo) that for decades has been producing high-quality coffee that reaches the whole world.
Let's find out which are all the qualities of this Made in Italy coffee brand.

The history of Caffè Pellini

Pellini was founded in 1922 in the province of Verona, from the Pellini family's passion for coffee.
Its history has always been marked by a constant evolution in the world of coffee, keeping its roots firmly in the Italian tradition of espresso but looking towards the future.
Its expansion and success are undoubtedly due to its great commitment and professional and attentive approach to the coffee it produces every day.

Pellini Coffee capsules

The philosophy of Caffè Pellini in its products

Pellini aims to provide its clients with the best coffee on the market and is committed to continuing to pursue its projects with passion and determination. The values of quality and transparency are the main pillars of this Italian coffee company.
High quality is reflected in the careful choice of raw materials, while transparency strengthens the bond with the client, who always knows what kind of product he is consuming.

The development of the Caffè Pellini company

Pellini was founded as a simple roasting company, but over the years it has developed into an international company that offers its coffee to an increasingly vast and demanding public.
Pellini controls the entire production chain. Its work begins with the coffee plantations in the countries of origin, to select the best varieties, and ends in the company, with roasting, which is different for each type of blend, and packaging.

Caffè Pellini and the new production center

The entire process is carefully controlled by specialized operators, with the help of specialized technologies, so that the entire production chain is safe and complies with quality standards. This takes place at the Verona site, in the new complex inaugurated in 2005, which covers an area of over 28,000 square meters. Here expert hands skillfully work this fantastic raw material and make it into the inimitable Pellini coffee.

Pellini coffee

Pellini coffee is synonymous with quality and great passion. The company selects only the best coffee crops, taking care also to respect the workers of the plantations. The product is processed with the utmost care to bring out every characteristic of the selected coffee beans.

Pellini Coffee CupsThese are processed to create refined products for every palate and preference.
A real team takes care of coffee selection: Pellini experts go to the plantations that collaborate with the company to choose the best Arabica and Robusta coffees, which are then skilfully processed and blended to create Caffè Pellini blends.

Pellini: the result in the cup

Caffè Pellini is a company that is appreciated not only by individual consumers but also by restaurants and bars all over Italy: in fact, Pellini is a brand that is widely used in the catering industry to offer its clients coffee that is always excellent.

What distinguishes a Pellini espresso can be understood at a glance: a hazelnut-colored cream, with reddish streaks, indicating a 100% Arabica blend, perfect both in roasting and preparation.

Caffè Pellini: making a real espresso

Creating a coffee for a unique and inimitable espresso is not easy.
Pellini was one of the first companies in Italy to introduce a special coffee quality and analysis system, carried out by a team of professional coffee tasters. This makes it possible to decipher all the organoleptic properties of coffee to ensure the best quality product. Some of the factors taken into account are roasting, bitterness, intensity, the richness of flavor, acidity, and balance.

Pellini offers a wide variety of products.

Pellini Caffè Bar

One of the most classic products is powder coffee in tins, with fine blends of 100% Arabica selected from the best coffee cultivations. The coffee is refined, delicate, and sweet, ideal for both Moka and espresso. Coffee beans are for real connoisseurs: available in different blends, they can be full-bodied and strong, or rich and harmonious, but each blend is carefully studied and controlled.

Caffè Pellini and its home line

Although Pellini was born in the Ho.Re.Ca sector, it has always remained a company in step with the times, and this is why it has also created a line of pods and capsules.
Caffè Pellini capsules are a collection of refined blends of the highest quality, compatible with both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines. The range includes different types of coffee, with varying degrees of roasting and intensity, including a decaffeinated and an organic version. The pods, on the other hand, are designed for the professional single-serve filter E.S.E. machines and are compatible with all machines of this type. This coffee is sweet and delicate, perfect to enjoy even without sugar.

Curiosities about Pellini

Pellini was awarded as a company in 2015 by Crema magazine as one of the best capsule coffees in the 100% Arabica category. In addition, Pellini TOP was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting in 2006.
Pellini was also the first Italian company to employ coffee tasters, real connoisseurs of taste who undertake to taste and evaluate the different blends produced. Coffee is tasted in various types of preparation (mocha, professional machine, capsule, and so on) to ensure that each blend is consistent in taste and quality.

In 2007 Pellini Caffè received the qualification to become one of the offices of the Permanent Training Point of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters.

Autor: Caffè Pellini